Umpqua Dairy Featured In Made For Tv Movie On NBC

Exciting News!

Umpqua Dairy had the opportunity to be in a made for TV movie with NBC last summer.

Scott Terryah, our Portland Sales Manager worked with the TV crew in the Portland area and supplied them with an Umpqua Ice Cream cart and some Umpqua Ice Cream.

The movie, “A Walk in My Shoes”, will air this Friday night, December 3rd on NBC at 8 pm (nationwide). It is a family movie of the week, sponsored by WalMart & Proctor & Gamble.

We have a few minutes of on screen time in the movie with an Umpqua Ice Cream cart and the movie actors enjoying Umpqua Ice Cream cones.  Pretty neat.

Even the preview reel features some Umpqua Ice Cream shots.
If you get a chance, tune in and watch the movie with your family!