Spring Cleaning – Quick Tip – Return Milk Crates

milk crate billboard

(Roseburg, OR) – It's Spring cleaning time!  Dust off those boxes in the attic and unclutter that garage.  Quick tip, if you come across those orange Umpqua Dairy milk crates, can you please return them?  Umpqua Dairy really needs them back!

Umpqua Dairy applauds local community efforts in promoting sustainability.  We too have applied numerous practices to help reduce our carbon footprint.  However, with all the focus on reduce, reuse and recycle, compounded with the hordes of how-to-videos on Pinterest, You Tube and Facebook, it’s hard to combat the theft of our milk crates.  Yes, we said it, ‘Theft’!  Sorry, but taking Umpqua Dairy or other branded milk crates is a crime. *(See Criminal Code below)

With this said, Umpqua Dairy is on a mission to reduce, reuse and recycle our orange milk crates.  We are asking for your help to get the word out and return them.  We need to reduce our overhead costs and be able to recycle and sanitize our crates for reuse in their intended purpose as the proper storage and safe transportation of Umpqua Dairy products.  But, when they are stolen, it creates a financial and production burden for us, we spend tens of thousands of dollars each year to replace these milk crates.  This needless expense affects the cost of goods, employee jobs and yes, ultimately the price of milk.

While we can appreciate the clever repurposing of milk crates, they are not free. Theft of milk crates is an issue taken very seriously by the dairy industry. Dairy companies lose 20 million milk crates a year to theft, at $4 a crate that equals $80 million dollars in loss per year. If you need crates for projects, retailers like Target, Fred Meyer and Home Depot sell them. www.gotmilkcrates.com.  Umpqua Dairy does not sell or give away our orange milk crates.  So, if you have one, it belongs to Umpqua Dairy and we would like it returned.

If found, please call or return them to your local Umpqua Dairy office.  For return locations log onto our website at umpquadairy.com or if you have any information about missing milk crates, contact Chuck Fuller, Transportation Manager at Umpqua Dairy at 541-672-2638 ext. 120.  No questions asked.

*Theft of milk crates is part of the Criminal Code of Oregon; Theft in the Second Degree, and is punishable by a maximum of one year in the County Jail or a maximum fine of $2,500, or both. ORS 164.015(1), (2) and (5), ORS 164.045(2), 161.615(1) and 161.635(1)(a).

Still family owned and located in the heart of Oregon’s Umpqua Valley, Umpqua Dairy Products, Co. operates as the largest independent dairy in southern Oregon.  Their award winning line of dairy, ice cream and juice products are distributed throughout the Western United States.  A tradition of unsurpassed quality, freshness and customer service makes Umpqua Dairy a #1 choice for delicious, refreshing dairy products.

For more information about milk crate theft in our area, click here.

So, as you clean this Spring, please make sure to return those orange Umpqua Dairy milk crates.  We would really appreciate it!