Umpqua Dairy's January Flavor of the Month is Butter Toffee Crunch. Butter pecan flavored ice cream complemented with whirls of toffee variegate and finished with a delicious toffee crunch.

Butter Toffee (Or English Toffee) is a relatively new treat, as candy goes. Most food historians concur the sweet treat rose to prominence sometime during the early 19th century. England and many other European countries took a particular liking to toffee thanks to their plentiful butter supplies. The Oxford English Dictionary first mentioned the word “toffee” in 1825, which means it had been in use for several years. Interestingly, however, the toffee that is so cherished by many Americans today is not the toffee of English origin. In fact, it is actually more accurate to call it a different name entirely. The English toffee eaten with regularity in America is also called buttercrunch. What’s the difference? Primarily, the difference rests in the ingredients. Toffee in Britain is made with brown sugar, whereas buttercrunch is made with white granulated sugar.*

While Butter Toffee Crunch is a newer flavor for us, it has already gained acclaim, winning Best in the World at the 2019 World Dairy Expo.


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