Tangy lemon ice cream swirled with rich lemon cream variagate and finished with a generous helping of lemon flavored shortbread crumbles, our NEW Classic Lemon Bar is the summer treat you have been waiting for!

Lemon has long been a stand by flavor for ice cream - it was among one of the first flavors used when ice cream was born. The first recipe book dealing with iced cream, Treatise on Various Kinds of Sorbets, or Water Ices, was written in 1694 and contains the first written recipe on how to mix sugar, salt, snow, and lemon juice.


Lemon Lemonade Float

2-3 large scoops of Umpqua Classic Lemon Bar ice cream
Fresh lemonade
Sliced strawberries

A tangy twist on an old favorite! Scoop 2-3 scoops of Classic Lemon Bar ice cream into a tall glass. Fill to cover the ice cream with your favorite lemonade. Top with a scoop of sliced strawberries. A sweet and tangy treat that hits the spot in the summer heat.