Washington Ice Cream

Washington Ice Cream

Washington ice cream lovers are beginning to discover Umpqua Dairy’s frozen Premium desserts and are accepting no substitutes. If you’re looking for a Premium ice cream that leaves the others in the dust, we invite you to discover why Umpqua Dairy’s flavors outshine the rest. It’s their search for the finest ingredients that makes all the difference in the final product you take home with you- Umpqua wouldn’t have it any other way.

Umpqua Dairy sources only local milk and cream from Oregon’s dairies that refuse to treat their cows with hormones. That means your favorite flavor of Premium ice cream from Umpqua is rBST-free and full of real cream flavor that has not been compromised. All Umpqua products are ‘Quality Chekd’ to ensure that the highest standards have been met and exceeded- you simply will not find a higher quality Washington ice cream on the freezer shelf.

If you’re having a hard time finding Umpqua Dairy products in your local store, simply ask your store’s frozen food manager to place an order from Umpqua Dairy. Although Umpqua’s Premium ice cream is produced in Oregon, they distribute throughout all of Washington and even beyond. Umpqua Dairy even makes Washington ice cream! Their Husky Tracks proudly supports the University of Washington with their chocolate coated caramel footballs that are blended expertly with a thick streak of chocolate fudge in mellow peanut butter flavored ice cream. Talk about a taste sensation!

Cougar Tracks is another example of how Umpqua Dairy champions the great state of Washington. Ice cream lovers appreciate Cougar Tracks because it happens to be one of the most well-received flavors in the state of WA, and is made with the same great ingredients you’ll find in Umpqua’s Husky Tracks, but with a different packaging. If you live in the state of Washington, and your grocer is not already carrying Umpqua’s Premium ice cream, you’ll want to do everything you can to get it on the shelves of your local freezer.

Most grocery store managers are happy to oblige their customers by carrying Umpqua ice cream flavors and other dairy products because they establish brand loyalty that keeps customers coming in to their store for Umpqua’s unmatched quality. Ask your store manager to visit the Umpqua Dairy website and chances are, they’ll soon be placing an order for a variety of premium ice cream flavors. With most dairy producers adding chemicals and artificial ingredients to their ice cream and dairy products, it’s extremely refreshing to find a product that doesn’t follow suit. Umpqua Dairy is a leader in the industry- not a follower.

Discover how delicious Washington ice cream from Umpqua Dairy can be. Visit the website to find all of your favorites and a few you’ve probably never heard of before. While there, don’t forget to cast your vote to Save the Flav and help Head Production Manager, John, keep Tin Roof Sundae on the freezer shelves year-round. He’ll be happy to add your vote to their petition for its presentation to the Umpqua Dairy.

Washington Ice Cream
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