Umpqua Premium Ice Cream

Umpqua Premium Ice Cream

Are you looking for a new taste treat your family will absolutely love? Enjoy Umpqua Premium ice cream as one of the most popular dairy products available from Oregon’s most prestigious local dairy. Umpqua Dairy produces a full line of frozen treats, including their Premium ice cream, Premium Lite ice cream, Sherbet, Non-fat Frozen Yogurt, No Sugar Added ice cream and University themed ice cream.

Umpqua Dairy’s Premium ice cream remains the local favorite for unique and tasty flavors that capture the essence of their name. For example, Umpqua’s Birthday Cake ice cream, which is seasonal from January to April, is like eating a slice of delicious frozen birthday cake. Made from sweet yellow cake-flavored ice cream and swirled with fudge frosting and sprinkles, Birthday Cake is a go-to for many Umpqua Premium ice cream lovers looking for the birthday cake experience.

Umpqua Dairy’s Bubble Gum flavored ice cream is another top choice among locals, and is available both with and without bubble gum bits. The pink bubble gum flavored ice cream is quite reminiscent of the beloved ‘Bazooka Joe’ bubble gum that once came with a free card inside of the pack. Whether you simply like the flavor of real bubble gum, or you enjoy chewing on the gum while you’re enjoying the ice cream, you’ll find this to be a nostalgic end to your evening meal.

Caramel Cone is one of Umpqua Premium ice cream’s most well-received flavors; in fact, it’s September’s flavor of the month! Umpqua Dairy’s famous rich vanilla ice cream is chock full of bites of chocolate-dipped waffle cone and caramel swirls in this ever-popular dessert classic. Best of all, Caramel Cone is not seasonal, so you can enjoy it any time of the year. All of Umpqua Premium ice cream flavors are rBST-free, so you can feel good about bringing them home to your family.

Seasonally-available Huckleberry Cheesecake is available in your local grocer’s freezer from August through November- and it’s well worth the wait! Huckleberry Cheesecake features rich cheesecake-flavored ice cream that is laced with huckleberry marble and graham cracker cheesecake pieces. One taste and you’ll be convinced you’ve found the most delicious and decadent treat Umpqua Dairy has yet created. Huckleberry Cheesecake ice cream is not a featured flavor of the month, so be sure to anticipate its seasonal arrival and take full advantage of it.

If you’re like a lot of Umpqua Dairy fans, you probably love their Tin Roof Sundae Premium ice cream. While it’s only available from April through June, Tin Roof Sundae is also the January flavor of the month, so you can enjoy it for an extended time frame. There is currently a petition underway to keep Tin Roof Sundae on freezer shelves year round, via the Save the Flav campaign. Find out more on the Umpqua Premium ice cream website and add your ‘like’ to the petition. Umpqua Dairy has been bringing local favorites to dairy freezers throughout Oregon and Washington since 1931.

Umpqua Premium Ice Cream
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