Seattle Ice Cream

Seattle Ice Cream

Seattle ice cream lovers are turning to Umpqua Dairy for high quality products that do not disappoint. If you live in the great state of Washington and are looking for a dessert treat that exceeds the competition, shop at local grocery stores that carry Umpqua’s fine products.

Umpqua’s Premium ice cream and additional frozen dessert options are produced in their Oregon plant and distributed throughout the greater Northwest. That means Seattle ice cream fans looking for a product made from locally-sourced dairy products can find Umpqua Dairy on freezer shelves as far away as Seattle and even beyond. If you’re local grocery is not already carrying Umpqua’s Premium ice cream, speak with your store manager and ask them to place an order from Umpqua to keep your favorites in stock.

Why settle on another Seattle ice cream producer that adds chemicals and artificial ingredients in to their flavors when you can opt for a blend of the finest milk and cream attainable? There’s simply no reason to accept any substitutes. Umpqua Dairy has been bringing their fine products to locals since 1931 and does not plan on changing their formulations just to compete with the competition. The fact is that Umpqua Dairy is a leader in the local industry- not a follower.

High quality is important to Umpqua Dairy and it should be important in the decision making process when you stop by the store and select a dairy product you’re going to bring home to your family. Accept no substitutes when it comes to Umpqua’s Premium ice cream products- it’s simply not worth it. If your current Seattle ice cream grocer is willing to visit the Umpqua Dairy website, they’ll most likely make the decision to keep several items available to local customers. Don’t be surprised to find that Umpqua’s Premium ice cream has nudged out the competition.

Check out Umpqua Dairy’s flavor of the month to try one you may be unfamiliar with. From January to December, there is a different flavor every month being featured by Umpqua Dairy. January starts out the year with a bang as Tin Roof Sundae makes its first appearance. This well-received flavor will also return as a seasonal offering from April through June, but once it’s gone for the year, you won’t be able to find it again until the following New Year. For this reason, Umpqua’s Head Production Manager, John, and many others who are joining their voices to his, are requesting that Tin Roof Sundae be made available year-round.

Visit the Umpqua Dairy website to vote to Save the Flav and keep Tin Roof Sundae on the shelves 12 months of the year. While online, enter to win Swag from the local’s favorite dairy. Whatever you’re favorite flavor happens to be, you’ll find it, or a variant of it available from Umpqua Dairy. Browse all of the available flavors by clicking on ‘Our Products’, and then selecting the type of frozen dessert you love the best.

Seattle Ice Cream
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