Save The Flav

Save The Flav

Help John ‘Save the Flav’! In case you haven’t yet heard the news, Head Production Manager from Umpqua Dairy, John, is trying to save Tin Roof Sundae from being shelved after its seasonal appearance in local freezers. Thousands of locals are joining their voices with John’s to make an impact on the Umpqua Dairy, but as of yet, they have not received enough signatures on their petition.

John seeks 20,000 signatures in his Save the Flav campaign to present to the Umpqua Dairy to show them how much locals love Tin Roof Sundae. You can be part of the movement by visiting online and hitting ‘Like’ to add your count to the petition. In fact, you can come back every day and like once every 24 hours to help John’s efforts.

Why all the fuss? If you’ve ever tasted Umpqua Dairy’s Tin Roof Sundae, you needn’t ask, but for those who have not heard of the flavor or tried it, the campaign may seem a bit flamboyant. Umpqua’s Tin Roof Sundae is an exceptionally rich vanilla ice cream that is marbled throughout with decadent chocolate fudge, then rippled with crisp chocolate covered peanuts for a taste treat that has to be experienced to be appreciated.

Umpqua Dairy’s Tin Roof Sundae is currently available from April through June, but that’s not nearly long enough for John and others like him who believe the flavor ought to be available for purchase any time of the year. To these Save the Flav patriots, there is no reason in the world why it should have to be taken off of freezer shelves for the remainder of the year.  After all, they rightly deliberate, Tin Roof Sundae is not made from seasonal fruits or other ingredients that can only be obtained in the spring.

It’s anybody’s guess what the future of the Save the Flav campaign will look like. As more and more fans of the flavor join the ranks, it becomes ever more likely that John and his followers may win their fight to keep the flavor alive throughout the year. In the meantime, if you’ve missed out on the season and are having a hard time waiting for April to come around, you may find solace knowing that Tin Roof Sundae is January’s flavor of the month at Umpqua Dairy, and will be put back into production for the full month.

Help John Save the Flav on the Umpqua Dairy website and click on the red ‘Vote Here’ link to make your vote count. John will be thrilled to see the votes rise in number as he makes his enthusiastic endeavor to ensure all Tin Roof Sundae lovers are able to purchase their favorite flavor any time of the year. Discover the difference Umpqua’s quality ingredients make in the taste of their Premium ice creams and other frozen desserts. We’re certain you’ll be a believer in the impact of extraordinary ingredients on the taste of your favorite flavors of ice cream.

Save The Flav
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