Portland Ice Cream

Portland Ice Cream

Umpqua Dairy believes their Portland ice cream should be a cut above the rest. For this reason, they use only the finest ingredients and rBST-free milk and cream in their Premium ice cream and other frozen desserts. If you’re looking for an exceptional experience with your next ice cream purchase, we invite you to see what all the fuss is about. Umpqua Dairy simply produces the best ice cream you’ve ever tasted.

If you thought one ice cream was like another, you haven’t tried Umpqua Dairy’s premium Portland ice cream, blended expertly of the creamiest, richest texture imaginable and crafted to perfection to produce the final results. With more and more ice cream manufacturers settling for less than exceptional ingredients, it’s no wonder the quality of most brand names is starting to slip. Not at Umpqua- they would never think of settling for ingredients that are anything less than exemplary.

Every batch of ice cream produced at the Umpqua Dairy is tested for quality, freshness and taste to guarantee when you open up a carton of Umpqua’s ice cream, you’re digging into the richest, highest quality of Portland ice cream you can purchase. The company’s executives believe their customers deserve the very best when they bring something home to their family. That means you can feel good about what you’re serving after your meal is over, and you can rest assured that when you select Umpqua, it won’t be just another sweet treat that’s filled with junky ingredients.

Visit the website and select Premium ice cream to see what’s available from Umpqua’s line of Portland Ice Cream. You’ll find flavors you never dreamed existed in ice cream, like their decadent real black Licorice ice cream you won’t find from any other dairy producer in the Northwest. Huckleberry Cheesecake is another customer favorite and is certainly one you’ll want to try if you love the deeply delicious flavor of fresh huckleberries blended to perfection with cheesecake pieces and graham cracker crust. Since Huckleberry Cheesecake is a seasonal offering, you’ll want to stock upon it while it’s available from August through November to ensure you have a gallon or two in the freezer for times when you won’t be able to find it in the store.

Refreshing Peppermint Candy is another seasonal offering and can be found in grocery stores throughout Oregon from October to December, just in time for the holidays. If you love the cool taste of peppermint, you’re going to really enjoy Umpqua Dairy’s Peppermint Candy ice cream that is the perfect finishing touch to your holiday cake. Take note that Peppermint Candy ice cream is not featured as a flavor of the month, so if you happen to miss out on it as a seasonal offering, you’ll have to wait until October of the following year to indulge.

Discover all of the Portland ice cream flavors from Umpqua Dairy- check your local freezer section or ask for it by name if your store is not currently stocking it. Your store manager may be happy to oblige your request to place an order for one or two of your favorite flavors!

Portland Ice Cream
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