You asked for it, and it’s BACK!!!

We received so many requests that we brought back Tin Roof Sundae as Flavor of the Month. But, it’s only for a limited time!

Why is it called Tin Roof Sundae?

In the late 1800s, laws were passed in the US Midwest prohibiting the selling of Soda water on Sunday. Ice cream sodas were the popular treat at the time, but were considered too “sinful” or frivolous for consumption on Sunday.

Area soda fountains got around this law by offering the Ice Cream Sundae as an alternative to Soda. Ice Cream topped with syrup with no soda added was not breaking the law.

The Tin roof sundae was a version of the Cherry sundae sold by Chester Platt in 1893. Platt’s soda fountain in Ithaca New York was popular at the time and several area fountains added various toppings. Chocolate syrup and peanuts made up the “TIN ROOF” topping based on the original sound of the peanuts being removed from the cans in which they were sold, like the sound of rain on a tin roof. (James Dawe,